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Game of Thrones Legacy Tour ~ Northern Ireland

Join our 7-Day Guided Tour to Northern Ireland "Game of Thrones® Territory" and stay overnight in Medieval Castles, visit all the best GOT filming locations, and more...

So, you're a Game of Thrones fan? Immerse yourself on Alpventures® in-depth and exciting Game of Thrones Legacy Tour to Northern Ireland; which includes two overnights in an actual medieval castle, a full day at Winterfell Castle (learn to shoot a bow, explore the movie set, meet the actual Direwolves, and enjoy a medieval feast), take a boat ride across the "Narrow Sea", and truly much more! This exclusive Game of Thrones Tour experience is limited to just 30 people - so don't delay, book today! Booking your spot on our Game of Thrones Legacy Tour is fast, easy, and secure with our payment processor, PayPal. Just choose your room and departure preferences, and click the "Book Now" button. Complete your personal information and PayPal deposit payment details and you are ready to join our Tour to Westeros! View Full Tour Itinerary

Meet Actors and Direwolves from Game of Thrones®; shoot a bow at Winterfell Castle, Sail the "Narrow Sea", discover the 10 GOT Doors, and visit the Giant's Causeway!

Northern Ireland ~ Game of THRONES Tours

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